2020 Season Volunteer Leader Positions in Garden

Cognizant Work GroupHappy winter everyone. We are only two months from the start of the 2020 season at Parkview Neighbourhood Garden (PNG). We hope that you can join us again this year, either as a volunteer or visitor.

As you know, PNG is supported by volunteers who form into teams which address the needs of the season including:  seed germination and seedling care, perennial and vegetable garden, special/social events, shift leaders, sales, volunteer training and any other needs you feel would benefit the garden.

We would like to invite those who would like to step into leadership/mentorship roles in our garden community to attend our team meeting Friday February 21st 7 PM to start to plan for our season.

Some things that need to be done:

  • Germinate Seeds
  • Assign work shift leaders for the growing season
  • Design perennial spaces
  • Plan social/community appreciation events
  1. Seed Start Assistance– Assists the Planting Planning leader by planting and caring for seed starts in your home until the seedlings are ready to be transplanted into the garden in May. We will provide the supplies, but you must have a sunny and warm indoor space and be able to transport the seedlings to the garden.
  2. Work Shift Leaders – Experienced volunteers lead a 2-hour sales or gardening shift each week during the gardening season. At least one year of experience necessary as an active PNG volunteer. This leader supports the learning of volunteers and visitors to the garden each shift by:

– Welcoming volunteers and providing work direction and/or training to help them accomplish their tasks

– Opening the stable and distributing tools as required and ensuring that all tools are cleaned and put away at the end of the shift

– Being aware of the activity in the garden to maintain a safe and friendly environment

– Arranging for a backup leader when summer travel plans take you away from the garden.

Sales Shifts also include:

– Arriving 45 minutes before sales time to harvest produce and set up sales table

– Working with trusted volunteers to weigh produce and manage cash

– Continuing to harvest with volunteers and teaching volunteers to harvest.

  1. Perennial Spaces Volunteers – Work with the Perennial Spaces leader to develop and maintain perennial spaces within the garden such as the pollinator garden, front garden, trees, shrubs and wildflowers.  This includes the following activities:

– Developing a plan for the space and acquiring new plants as needed

– Ensuring perennial spaces are watered and weeded as required

– Providing educational information to visitors

Should have a strong interest in flowers and ornamentals, a willingness to learn, and be able to volunteer at least 4 hours/month during the garden season from April to October.  Ideal for students of horticulture or environmental studies. Reference letters can be provided.

  1.  Social Events Planner – Leads the organization and execution of a social event at PNG to grow and retain our volunteer base, attract visitors and support our neighbours. Activities may include:

– Coordinating communications with other garden leaders including social media and website leaders and city liaison

– Identifying and contacting individuals and community groups to participate in events

– Ensuring appropriate cleanup occurs following the event