We welcome volunteers to work communally in our garden. We do not have individual allotments.

Orientation Resources – Prepare for your First Volunteer Shift
Available Volunteer Roles

Orientation Resources

New volunteers should review our Garden Map before visiting the garden. If you are new to gardening in general, we also ask you to review the following short videos. This will help us reduce the amount of in-person training.

Weeding: Why weeding is important, the two kinds of weed root systems and how to remove them

5 Watering Mistakes to Avoid: Under watering, watering seedlings, using a garden hose


Choosing the Right Garden Tools: Tools for soil preparation, tools for weed control, using a wheelbarrow safely

Additional Recommended Viewing

Available Volunteer Roles

We welcome volunteers 16 yrs+ with or without previous gardening experience. Tools are provided.

  • For volunteers younger than 16 yrs, and family volunteering, please email details to [email protected].
  • If you have never volunteered in our garden before, we recommend you get on our mailing list by sending an email to [email protected] .
  • We have virtual volunteer roles available for those who would like to participate in the garden without working in the garden. Please contact [email protected] with details of how you would like to help.

We ask that new volunteers working in the garden to commit to a minimum of three volunteer shifts this season. Volunteers can choose work times on weekdays, evenings and weekends. Some tasks will require physical effort in varying weather conditions and may include:

  • Preparing soil by adding amendments such as compost and manure
  • Assisting in building simple garden structures such as trellises
  • Planting and maintenance of plants
  • Removing weeds and watering plants
  • Cleaning and putting away garden tools
  • Participating in training
  • Interacting with the garden’s many visitors

You would be a great fit as a volunteer if…

  • You want to volunteer in an outdoor environment where the tasks can differ shift-to-shift   
  • You are curious about local produce, local flora, food sustainability, soil health (composting) and gardening in general.
  • You are interested in networking with other volunteers and neighbours from our local community 
  • Ideally we are looking for volunteers who can continue volunteering in the summer and early fall, in addition to April-May

Volunteering benefits

  • The opportunity to learn about planting, crop rotation, organic gardening, garden maintenance
  • Community service hours upon request (please note this when signing up)
  • The opportunity to share your knowledge with others
  • The opportunity to practise English or learn a new language (e.g. Korean, Mandarin, Farsi) from other volunteers in the garden.