End of 2022 Season

Our last volunteer event in the garden was October 30, 2022.  We harvested our remaining jerusalem artichokes and prepared our garlic for fall planting.  We ended with a celebration pot luck.

We want to say a huge thank you to all our volunteers this year. We had around 60 volunteers who came at least once to the garden this season.  We had many volunteers who came week after week, or sometimes several times a week.  A third of our volunteers this year were high school or university students.

Together we created a life-filled, tranquil garden where volunteers and visitors could pause, breathe, learn, talk and eat.

We donated 380 pounds of produce to our community partners.

We took in $1200 to buy seeds and plants, thanks to produce related donations from our neighbours as well as some generous monetary donations from our volunteers and visitors. Some of this came through offering canned jellies, chutnies and salsa made from the produce of our garden and prepared through the generous donation of material and time by Janet, Rosemary and Liz.

In addition to our regular planting, harvesting and weeding teams, we need to highlight the work of our specialized volunteers who worked behind the scenes or off hours:

  • Front garden – Bonnie, Janet, Petru
  • Seed Starting – Michel, Ruby
  • Compost – Johnny and the Hot Compost Pilot team – Paul, Johnny, Laurence, Vincent, Kate, Galya
  • Watering – Becky, Kelli, Kate, Rocco, Olga, Helen, Neerja, Young Don
  • Orchard and fruit hedges – Suz and Chad and Suz’s Mom!
  • Social media – Jessica and Kesh plus additional photos from Flora and Grace
  • Mid-Week Weeding – Sonya and Kathy
  • Website Maintenance – Jimmy

There are two other teams that worked behind the scenes:  Our Ward 18 councillor’s office staff, who have supported us for so many years, and our City Parks team, led by Maryanne, who kept the garden and garden paths cleaned for all to enjoy.

Thank you for a great year. See you next April!

FYI – For those at the pot luck who asked about the cream cheese salsa. here is a link to the recipe:  https://scratchpantry.com/recipes/2021/5/jalapeno-cramberry-salsa