Friends Give Their Gifts to the Garden

Plaque to be attached to garden cart(001)(001)

Volunteers from many nations work in the garden to nurture plants to maturity. This means that not only the local community can enjoy healthy produce but others further afield who do not have access to such bounty. Funds are raised through sales during the growing season and are donated to worthy causes. Produce is also distributed mid season. But, where to display and sell these goods.

Vegetables, herbs and fruit grew well, so we determined that we needed a cart.  Building on a design created by a friend in Winnipeg, we adapted it to the size that would fit through our stable door.

Student carpenters at the school-work site(001)(001)

Having contacted the Trades Council of the Toronto District School B

oard, we found  interested staff and students who were eager to build the cart. This project proved to be a valuable lea

rning experience for these students. So Iqbal Ali, Eliot Asamoah, Antonio Bell, Malcolm Jones, Sarim Sem, Steefon Thom and Fitzgerald Thomas began work in March 2010 under the guidance of instructors Gilbert and Patrick. It was wonderful to watch the instructors’ pride as they guided their students in the construction of a sturdy cart which has since been put to good use.

Student carpenters with cart at stable side door(001)(001)

We celebrated their work when they arrived at the garden to install its various parts. Being healthy teenagers we knew we should feed them and so we did. We gave each a personal photo album showing the various stages of their work and some of our produce. Included as well were our words of thanks. We gave them a tour of the garden where they enjoyed seeing the stages of a blooming strawberry, learning the progression from pink flower to red berry. We introduced them to lemon balm and gave them springs for their albums.


Gift of trugs from the boys(001)(001)

Later, this group of fellows gave us a welcome surprise. Our visitors brought us three wooden trugs they had made in their school’s carpentry department. One young boy also made a small bird feeder of found materials. These boys and their instructors have given us such warm memories that endure each time we use the cart and the trugs.