Part Two: Starting a Garden

By Michel Klamph


If you followed my instructions in my previous post, you probably have some seedlings sprouting by now. 



Once you see your herbs sprouting, take off the lid and use it as a drainage tray, water when dry, and watch your herbs grow. If it appears sparse, sow more seeds but keep the lid off so the sprouts can continue to grow and get strong. As they get taller, you can give them more soil (delicately) around the stems and more soil also promotes root growth in the container. 


Herb Garden 

Seeds you can grow in your herb garden include basil, parsley, lettuce, kale, dill, coriander. 

You can have individual containers for each variety or plant in rows in the container or mix all your seeds up and see what happens. As they take different times to sprout, you will see changes early and later. 


What next?

By May, it can be transplanted into a decorative pot, suitable for gift giving to yourself or others.  Beautiful on the balcony, patio, or window sill all summer long to flavour your food.


Instagram instructional videos

Instagram instructional videos








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