Soil Preparation continues on Saturday May 6, 2017

First, a big thank you to all those volunteers who came out the last two Saturdays to help get the soil ready for planting. A lot of hard work was done and much was accomplished.

Secondly, Mother Nature is not being very nice to us this week. We’ve had rain, and there is heavy rain in the forecast for the rest of today and all day Friday. The forecast is also iffy for Saturday, although things could change.

The upshot of this is, if we get as much rain as forecast, the garden will be a big mud pile. Also, it has been cold all week, so the soil hasn’t had much chance to warm up. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that we will be able to plant anything on Saturday, and we will have to postpone everything by one week.

If it turns out that it is not raining too hard or often on Saturday, we could try to continue our soil preparation that we did not finish last time. There are still beds that need weeding and soil turning.

So, if it is not too bad on Saturday, and you feel like coming to the garden and getting a bit of work done, please come out. There will be mud, so wear rubber roots or some kind of waterproof footwear.

Lets hope for better weather next week!