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Fall foliage

Bring Us Your Leaves!

Update November 25, 2017:  Thanks to our Parkview Ave neighbours, we now have sufficient leaves to protect the beds during winter. Thank you! Oct 30, 2017:  Raking up leaves from…

Potatoes Are Ready!

The potatoes are ready and yummy!  They won’t last long.  Sales days Tuesday 6-7 PM and Saturday 10 AM-Noon.


Our wildflowers are attracting the best pollinators.  Thanks to Nancy for the pictures.  

Tomato Bounty

It’s been a fantastic year for tomatoes and we have many delicious varieties, from pear drop and cherry tomatoes to heirloom varieties. Our harvest table is set up Tuesdays 6…

Petals to the Sun and Bees a’buzzing

With the return of the sun, the sunflowers have blossomed into a spectacular show. Be sure to walk through the garden and enjoy these and our other beautiful flowers attracting…

Bees, Borage and Strapping Milkweed!

Some beautiful pics of bees visiting the lovely borage and strapping milkweed.

In the Garden: Beautiful Blooms!

In the garden – some beautiful pics!

Another PNG Planting Day!

We were working away very nicely last Saturday until it started to pour. At least we didn’t have to water what we had just planted! We didn’t have a lot…

PNG Planting Days – Clarification

Thanks again for all of the hard work done so far.  We accomplished a lot last Saturday.  But, we did lose a week during those heavy rains.  So we will…

Currants growing

The Garden is Blooming!

While we are getting busy planting our new crops this May, the orchard is already blooming. One of our volunteers took these pictures of fruit blossoms, a carpet of violets, and what promises to be…