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PNG Planting Days – Clarification

Thanks again for all of the hard work done so far.  We accomplished a lot last Saturday.  But, we did lose a week during those heavy rains.  So we will…

Spring is Here – the Planting Begins!

Some pics of seedlings that one of our PNG volunteers has grown from seed. Beautiful!

Spring Planting Days – We Need Your Help!

The daffodils are in bloom in the front garden and orchard, and the garlic is coming up nicely.  We finally have some warm temperatures, so it’s time to start working…

PNG Soil Preparation and Planting Days

This is a reminder that an additional planting day has been scheduled for this Saturday, May 28th, starting at 10 am. Although much progress was made during the holiday weekend,…


Working in the Garden from May 16 – May 22, 2015

We have had a very busy week in the garden.  McKee EcoKids have planted peas and volunteers have planted everything from parsley to kale! There is still more planting to…

Compost as a result of Harvesting

Harvesting Compost May 2, 2015

Green plus brown plus heat plus moisture = compost We start with organic matter such as vegetable and fruit peels, leaves and stems.  We add fallen leaves and a handful…

New Fruit Trees Planted

A number of fruit trees were purchased for the garden and planted in our little orchard in June. Another plum and ear tree among them.

Christopher Radko on Lavender Love

EXCLUSIVE Guest Author Christopher Radko: LAVENDER LOVE A timeless and aromatic plant, true lavender has been cultivated since the time of Cleopatra, who, it is said, considered it an aphrodisiac….

Rototilling with the BIG boys

The Parkview Garden Expansion is in full swing. The city has been involved in the construction and saved the day by sending by the BIG rototilling guns to help us…

Patriotic Potatoes

Red, White and Blue Potatoes? The garden is planted this season with Red Pontiac, Norland red skins, Russet Burbank, and Russian Blue potatoes.